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Fuel Purge

It is common knowledge that the fuel injection spray pattern is crucial for optimised combustion of the fuel/air mixture. Non uniform spray patterns hinder combustion and increase emissions of smoke and unburned fuel which pollute the environment and, at the same time, reduce fuel efficiency.

During routine operation fuel related deposits can accumulate in the pintle/nozzle fuel passages and these carbonaceous deposits can affect injector timing, restrict fuel flow, cause injectors to dribble and disrupt injection spray patterns.

Scotts Petrol Fuel Purge has been specifically formulated to help clean injection systems and carburettors, therefore giving you maximum performance and improved fuel economy-reducing harmful exhaust emissions that pollute the environment from your engine. Scotts Petrol Fuel Purge is safe to use with catalytic convertors.

Scotts Diesel Fuel Purge is a high performance detergent/dispersant which is used to help engine fuel injector's cleanliness and maintain maximum combustion efficiency