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Pitstop Ol

  • Lubricates
  • Waterproofs
  • Protects
  • Strong, clean and durable
  • Low toxicity
  • Does not dry out

Pitstop Ol replaces up to 12 products in one can and has many vehicle and household uses:

Use Pitstop Ol in your car - window channels, sunshine roofs, bushes, battery terminal protection, cures dashboard squeaks and rattles, bushed on steering columns, lubricates tailgate/boot hinges etc. door locks, hinges, catches, winding mechanisms (anti-freeze protection), rubber lubricant (doors and windows), prevents corrosion of electrical components and connections, anti-seize compound use on assembly; e.g. bleed nipples, sliding callipers (prevents dissimilar metals from 'welding' together), prevents and cures sticking seat belts (clean to use), seat runners, brake and clutch clusters stiffness and squeaks, protects alloy wheel and chromework, drive belt squeaks, waterproof ignition system, aerials electric and manual.

Use Pitstop Ol around your home - locks, hinges, waterproofing electrics, garage/sliding doors, window channels, linkages, drawers and most lubrication applications.