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Don't get stuck out in the cold - Puncture repair in a can!

  • The quick and easy way to repair a puncture
  • Convenient to carry in your car
  • Will not damage your tyre
  • Peace of mind for the lone driver
  • May be cleaned out of tyre using warm water

Scotts Tyrefix is a quick-fix solution for your motoring emergencies. In the event of a puncture, it will act as a temporary solution to get you to your nearest tyre repair centre and back on the road. It's quick, easy and won't cause any lasting damage to your tyre.

This is a water based latex formulation and can be cleaned out of the tyre using warm water to allow permanent repair.

This product is for use on minor punctures, it will not repair blow outs, larger holes, damage to side walls, broken beads or faulty valves. Do not use on any two-wheel vehicle.

This product can be used for normal tyres; for larger truck tyres, two or more cans may be needed.


  1. Ensure tyre valve is at the bottom of the wheel.
  2. Attach applicator nozzle to the tyre valve.
  3. Holding the can upright depress actuator and inflate tyre.
  4. Roll the tyre or drive slowly and safely forwards to allow the product to evenly coat the inside of the tyre and search out the puncture and seal. For large tyres you may need to use an air-line to top up tyre pressure after puncture has been sealed.
  5. Drive immediately to the nearest Tyre Repair/Replacement Centre to inspect the tyre.

This is a temporary fix, and should be used in emergencies only. After repairing the tyre drive at low speeds to the nearest repair centre.